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This ongoing collection of interviews and discussions with submariners and others about submarine life and submarines has been developed for FHSM members. The discussions are designed to provide “INSIGHTS” into particular topics of interest, events, and individual profiles of submariners. Over time the collection will be added to and progressively archived. Members should check this site regularly for new topics.

INSIGHT Sept 2022 – Interview with Commander Tom Herman OBE RN retired, Submarine Flotilla Secretary!AizOM27wLs6ygssQyfTYVImkfmDyjw?e=byg6OK

INSIGHTS October 2022 – Audio interview with Warrant Officer Rtd Terry Rowell OAM. Having served over 40 years in the RAN and making significant contributions to Australia’s submarine escape training his story is captured in his book One Mans Navy. This interview is a result of having read his book and I commend you to take the time to listen.!AizOM27wLs6ygssAeebINFy88sX8JA?e=aLwBRg

INSIGHTS January – February 2023 – Audio interview with Warrant Officer Rtd Graham (Jumper) Collins. Jumper served over 20 years in the RAN and is well known to most Oberon Submariners. This interview is Gives an interesting insight into the decision he made regarding the little-known submarine world to Australian sailors in the 60s and how he saw it develop over his years of service. Well worth a listen with some interesting points made!AizOM27wLs6ygaQi4EgFFKWg1grxiQ?e=HL3vxE

INSIGHTS March – April 2023 – An audio interview with ex-Articifer Ian Taber rtd. As one of the early pioneers in the Oberon era, Ian provides an interesting background to his introduction to submarines as well as his early year’s training as an artificer. Ian commissioned the second Oberon HMAS OTWAY in Scotland and saw much of the innovation and work required to keep the fledgling Oberon submarines at sea in those early years of the squadron

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