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Holbrook Submarine Museum is dedicated to the preservation and display of Australia’s submarine heritage dating back to the ‘silent Anzac’ AE2 and the first loss of Australian lives in WW1 with the loss of AE1 off the coast of New Britain.

The Submarine Precinct has the original above water line superstructure of the Oberon Class submarine H.M.A.S OTWAY. The 7 original masts are a noticeable feature with the Radar mast rotating during daylight hours. There is also a large scale model of Lt. Norman Holbrook V.C’s submarine B11.

The Museum houses H.M.A.S OTWAY’S original Control Room section complete with bunks,heads,working periscope and the Wardroom (Officer’s quarters) . 

Our visitors often comment on how much they enjoyed taking ‘the submariner experience’ without having to go under water just by entering the Control Room section from inside the Museum.

Highlights include:

Sitting in the officer’s wardroom and experiencing what it would be like to live in a submarine.

Looking through the periscope to see 360 degree views of Holbrook and taking photos through it’s lens.

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