Friends of Holbrook Submarine Museum (FHSM)

The Friends of Holbrook Submarine Museum (FHSM) Association came into being after discussion in early August 2019.

In September 2019, the formation of a support group for the Holbrook Submarine Museum (HSM) was formed. Initially, a management team was developed. Later a constitution and rules were set out as we progressed into a formal Association.

Since then much work has been done with and for the Museum. We hope that you will share our vision and assist us as we go forward.

Please visit our section of this website to find out more and see how you can join and or donate to our cause.




Friends of Holbrook Submarine Museum (FHSM)

Members of the FHSM are notified that an Annual General Meeting is to be held on Saturday 21st November 2020 commencing at 2.00pm (1400) Qld time, by Zoom conference; with the detail relating to Zoom being notified to members nearer the date.


1. This AGM is required each year to meet the requirements of the FHSM Rule 14.

2. Annual Reports from the Office Bearers should be in writing and sent to the Honorary Secretary by 7 days beforehand for circulation to members before the AGM.

3. Notice of any General Business should be given to the Hon. Secretary  by seven days beforehand for circulation to Members.

4. Nominations for elections of office bearers and committee members should be forwarded to the Hon Secretary by seven days beforehand, using the normal mailed form or the electronic form below:

AGM Nominations, Please ensure you have obtained the nominee(s) consent

list full name
list full address
list email address
list mobile or home No


please submit all reports, notices and nominations by the 14th of November 2020.

Thor Lund,

Hon Sec FHSM

1/107 Bayview St,

Runaway Bay, Qld, 4216.

Phone: 0409 591 359.  EMAIL