The Submariners Road Trip
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The Submariners Road Trip



Looking for Dit to read in the heads? Or maybe you’d just like to recall your past adventure. You wont be disappointed with this one and the misbehaviors of these two old ratbags.

What happens when two old submariners decide to take a road trip and catch up on some old mates? Its easy to wonder about that  but these two old fools get into more trouble as they blither their way across the country from one disaster to another. What makes this different is there are old mates from way back but their careers have taken them in different directions. They still have a strong bond and enjoy the type of banter only close mates and ex submariners understand. Follow their adventures and  and their gritty philosophies as they crash their way across the land and relive some of their younger days together. Their road trip will leave a lot of you nodding and other giggling.

Exclusive offer – A limited number of the original copies have been donated to the museum to sell and have been signed by the author. There wont be any more so when they go that’s it.