One Man’s Navy
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One Man’s Navy



This is the autobiography of one of Australia’s longest serving submariners whose career spanned 47 years of service with the RAN. The book covers a period of personal and naval development from the 60’s through to the mid 2000’s. This is not a historic book but one that notes in detail the passage of time and changes in the RAN for a lower deck sailor through to the rank of Warrant Officer and all the stage in between.

The experiences of early conflict in the far east Malaysia confrontation, and the rigors of submarine training and life in cold war Royal Navy postings are all covered. The development of the submarine squadron at HMAS Platypus followed by the move to the west and his experience in establishing the Submarine escape training facilities are well worth noting.

When Warrant Officer stepped forward to receive his Medal of the order of Australia from Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace, he knew he was approaching a fellow sailor with history. The award was the culmination of a career that the lad from Bankstown could never have dreamed of.

Mixed with the adventures, stress and tension that all submariners live with Terry Rowell’s story is one of dedication and service to his country. The book covers the years of development of the submarine arm of the Navy and reflects the many changes that were made along the way.

In Terrys words ‘ I witnessed many changes over my 47 years in the Navy. Some good , some not so good. I had a memorable time and some great mate and wonderful memories”

If you are at all interested in the life of a sailor this is a must for young and old and inspiration to those who still serve.

Exclusive offer – These are the last of the books generously donated by Terry for the Museum to sell and personally signed by him. There will not be another chance to buy these so when they are gone, they are gone