Special Projects

AE2 replica Control Room section

Sharks of Steel, Men of Iron

Sharks of Steel-AE2 Control Room

This project is focused on the AE2 control room re-creation and is seeking both financial and in-kind donations from corporate sponsors.

While Covid 19 issues have caused a setback the project has moved forward a step. The AE2 replica will be relocated to become an integral part of the Museum, with entry inside.

Men of Iron – Oral History

This project is concerned with gathering the oral history of submariners in association with The Submarine Institute of Australia (SIA).

We trialed a couple of phone interviews last year and since then we have upgraded our scripted questions and approach. Contact with the RN Submarine Museum’s specialist in this area has also help us get the basics right. Presently, we are working with SIA’s Peter Horobin to finalise the process,a timeline for the interviews as well as likely candidates.