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Curators Corner

The Jim Redwood Room has been refurbished and we will continue to the Torpedo room area for all things regarding Oberon Class submarines.

One of the objects on display is an Oberang insignia.The 6 boats ORION, OTWAY, OTAMA, OXLEY, OVENS and ONSLOW served in the Royal Australian Navy from 1967-2000. In 1976 the Australian Naval Board approved a special squadron insignia for use by Oberon Class submarines of the Royal Australian Navy Submarine Squadron. Known as an ‘Oberang’ it comprised a white letter O with a red boomerang vertically imposed over it. This was the submarine equivalent of the red kangaroos worn by major fleet units and was worn on the fin of a submarine in harbour.The Collins class submarines continue the tradition with “C-merang” insignia.

The control has been upgraded with a sound bite audio recreation of diving stations and a simulated attack. Visitors can now get the full submarine experience and sense the tension of life on a cold war submarine

AE 2 replica has been moved and the interior will be fitted out with E Class photographic wraps before it is open to the public to step inside. In time we hope to have sound effect and special lighting. Connected with this display has been the release of The AE2 Expeditions book, written by Dr Roger Neill, the chief scientist on 2 of the expeditions and published by the friends of HSM. A webinar held by FHSM on the subject in March was very successful and more are planned