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Michael White’s second edition of Australian Submarines: A History builds on and brings up-to-date the work in his first edition and is a must have for anyone with an interest in Australia’s submarine heritage or the development of the modern RAN capabilities.

Note: This book was produced in the national interest and for no other benefit. Neither the main author, nor the other support authors, received any monetary payment for their work. The SIA paid the printing costs and so buying a hard copy goes in part to ATOM and the balance to help refund the SIA.


The book commences with a discussion of the policy issues as to whether Australia needed submarines and then the decision to buy AE1 and AE2. It then goes through their coming to Australia, the tragic loss of AE1 in New Guinea on 14 September 1914 and the bravery and daring of the AE2 crew in penetrating the Dardanelles on Anzac Day in 1915.

The history then goes on to deal with the J-Class submarines that came to Australia in 1919, the first Oxley and Otway (which went to the RN in the Depression in 1931), and the fact that in World War Two, Australia had no submarines except for the Dutch K IX whose career ended with a battery explosion in 1944. Then the period

The book sets out the story of the new RAN submarine arm from 1963. When Oxley (S 57) arrived in Neutral Bay, Sydney, in 1967, so began the new Australian era of submarines. The basic dates of the O Boats are outlined, along with the building and basic dates of their replacements, the Collins class. The book deals with some of the issues about the intelligence patrols, about the Future Submarine and also records the numerous plaques, services, memorials and museums in Australia and overseas dedicated to Australian submarines and Australian and NZ submariners.

The appendices to this book are numerous and detailed by a strong team from around the world. Note– the appendix in the book listing all qualified Australian submariners had a couple of omissions as supplied by the Navy. Frank Owen kindly upgraded the appendix and it is the separate document online with the two volumes of the book. The whole book is online with the Uni of Qld library and here is the link to the book

Price: $140 (incl GST) total for both volumes (plus postage and handling)
A special discounted price of $80 is available for SIA, SAA members and serving and former submariners and other naval personnel.The discounted price applies to all members of the Submarine Institute of Australia; all members of the Submarines Association Australia, NZ and Allied submariners and their family and descendants; all RAN, RNZN, RN naval uniform personnel past and present; and such RN and USN equivalents; and such further and other persons as the President
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