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LARFS – By Sandy Freeleagus

From time to time we will update this page for members with light-hearted material. We hope you enjoy the artistry of Sandy Freeleagus and the whit of others from the past and present.

A regular set of comic strips depicting the sometimes humourous side of submarining. Over a 12-month period, these will build into a collectible book along with the cartoon of the month. Thes books will be avialable exclusively for members to purchase


Note: If you’ve not already guessed it Eustace Prigg is a mythical character with no relationship to anyone living or deceased.

The stories are mere spoofs and are not intended to be taken seriously. The material has no relationship to anyone or anything past or present and is simply presented in LARFS for the sake of humour. We do not seek to denigrate the efforts of any branch of the military or support structures and hope that the stories are taken in the way they are intended and not taken seriously. We hope you enjoy Eustace Prigg.

Introducing Eustace Prigg

We are pleased to announce the appointment of a well-known Dafence Correspondent, Eustace Prigg as the Dafence Minister and we hope he will be giving us some exclusive insights into dafence matters.

Eustace is probably known to some as the longest-serving subby that never got promoted and to others for his TV career on 60 seconds and his work on the Rudeprick Mudrake publications. Eustace’s first assignment as minister for Dafence took him to France to talk with the submarine builder Suprême de l’extorsion Maritime PL. and a subsidiary LaPlonk industries where Aust. retired Rear Adm. Ramsbottom and Commander Farnarcle have been permanently stationed for some years.

Who is Eustace Prigg

In 2030 Eustace Prigg became a nationally known journalist. Previously the lead correspondent on Dafence matters with the Sydney Moaning Hearsay and the National Time Waster, he has had a stellar career with a national network where he asked the tough question on radio and TV. Later he wrote speeches for politicians and political debate sessions on dafence issues.

He is the author of several books including the bestselling biography the thoughts of Chairman KRUDD and a comedy piece an evening with Mr Turncote. He has traveled extensively and interviewed many international political figures like Gold Member, Mini-me, and Mr. Bean.

An offer from the international publicist, Rudeprick Mudrake saw Eustace join the Dafence Bullytin under the editorship of Vita Buttocks and lead reporter Ima Farce. When these two left the Bullytin it fell into disrepair until Eustace picked up the pieces and continued. Recovering many of the stories he had written but had been assigned to others, he made his mark. Finally, after many hours across and under Mr. Rudepricks desk, he was finally given a licence to print his work under his own name. Eustace has never married but has 2 sons somewhere. His caravan is often seen in various parts of Straya as he moves around a lot for security reasons. His appointment as minister for Dafence came as a surprise to many but should prove interesting in these turbulent times.




An ex-chief of the Navy whisked his girlfriend away for a romantic night on a submarine to ask her to marry him. All went well and the crew took advantage of the opportunity apparently


The poetry of submariners



When you’re planing and we’re snorting

The whole crew swears at you;

When the mast dips with both donks running

You pull a good vacuum;

But when it’s so rough

You don’t know where to begin,

With the vacuum gauge in the red

And the top of yer head caves in,

Keep on planing

‘Cause when you’re planing,

The boat belongs to you.

When you’re planing in black lighting

With just the instrument’s dull red glow;

You can get up, go for a wander

And the trimmin’ officer won’t even know;

Amble over to your oppo on the CEP,

Have a brew and a bit of a natter

Then sneak back to the OMC.

Keep on planing

‘Cause when you’re planing,

The boat belongs to you.

When you’re planing at Ultra Quiet

Life is such a bore;

And the UCs keep complaining

‘Cause all their sonars hear is your snore;

But when it’s time for the boat

To come up from deep.

Be bold, be brave, be decisive

Don’t hang ‘round 60 feet;

Keep on planing

‘Cause when you’re planing

The boat belongs to you.

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